Sunday, December 28, 2014

Native Demo? Let's Do a Beta Instead!

Lately, there have been a fairly large number of tasks sucking up all of my time, and because of that, building a tailor made demo of Looptil will just take more unnecessary time.  So, instead of that, I'm going to just give out some beta versions of the game while you all have been waiting ever so patiently!

Of course, before just throwing it out there, I have to get make sure it's acceptable at least.  I ended up breaking some major features in the story mode, so until that's working again, I won't release it.

What platforms, you ask?  So far, this demo will be readily available for Windows and MacOSX.  Linux will be coming soon, I hope.  What I need is a separate boot of Linux on one of my machines.

As the details surface, I will keep you informed.  It's almost 3AM, and I've been working tirelessly on various technical things, so I really need to head for bed.  Good night!


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