Monday, January 27, 2014

Let's Play Loop-til, in 1080p!

I finally got around to investing in a new LCD monitor.  My Macbook's maximum resolution is only 1440x900; that's good, but not quite good enough.  Even better, I can replace my old standard LCD monitor with this HDMI compatible one.

So, I tested it out, and took a few 1080p screenshots.

Not bad, hm?  It plays really nice in HD resolutions.  And now, I have no excuse not to have an HD trailer out soon (which is WAY overdue).  That will be my next goal, of course.



  1. Looking good, your game dev blog is surprisingly interesting. Are you still working on CXBX, by the way?

  2. Windows build? I would love to see this running at 7680x1440 ;)