Saturday, March 2, 2013

Let's do PlayStation!

Now, I feel like a complete twit for not noticing this earlier.  \/_\/

According to this fairly new tweet by Sony Playstation's twitter page, Sony is looking to recruit more indie devs to develop for their current and next consoles.  It appears that Sony wants to get off on the right foot with indie devs and build up it's list of content prior to it's release.  IMO, this is a pretty smart move.  Considering that the PS3's profitability wasn't nearly as high as Nintendo's or Microsoft's console, even the iPhone (as a gaming platform), at a certain point, I don't think Sony can afford to make the same mistake twice.

The indie market is growing at a very fast pace and it can no longer be ignored.  Many say that the indie market is growing too saturated making it harder to stand out amongst the ever growing list of competition.  Of course I agree, but if there's one thing I learned about marketing is that the best time to get into a particular market or area of the market is when the market penetration level is near or at the %2 mark.  This rule has been used in other markets for years and usually pays off.  Maybe it's time for Shogun3D to put it to the test!



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