Monday, February 4, 2013

Welcome to Shogun3D's blog

Hi there reader, welcome to Shogun3D's company blog.  The purpose of this blog is to keep people informed of Shogun3D's latest developments, discoveries, random on-topic tid-bits and such as consistently and as frequently as possible, while allowing followers to voice their feedback, opinions and critique (all of which are greatly appreciated).  Up until fairly recently, I never did understand the importance of having a blog for your company.  These days, it's always good to have an method to post news updates about your upcoming game projects and releases while keeping things as interactive as possible.  I'm sure it would please the fans greatly knowing that the company owner is willing to answer their questions directly while considering all forms of feedback personally.

1. What is Shogun3D?
This company arose out of the interest of creating fascinating game content for a wide variety of users and platforms while keeping the "fun and creative" element while giving users the power to influence parts of the game's development process!  Shogun3D currently has 5 games being actively developed on a daily basis.  Although only one of these games has been unveiled, they all promise not to disappoint when the surface!  For logical reasons, Shogun3D will not announce any titles until they are proven to be both working and feasible concepts.  Those concepts that aren't will be canned without controversy.

Now, one that Shogun3D is NOT, is some random indie developer who just learned C++ or C# last week with a game idea hoping to "make it big" off one single iPhone game and retire after making millions.  Shogun3D's vision and expectations are more realistic than that.  This company has it's own marketing strategy, sales projections and business plan with resources to continue into the future.  Targeting one platform with one "run-of-the-mill" game is not likely to succeed, therefore, it's logical to expand the horizon with multiple and well-executed multi-platform games.

2. What types of games will Shogun3D make?
This is difficult to sum up in one sentence or small statement.  Shogun3D prefers to build 2D and 3D games of all types while not catering to one specific crowd.  Currently, Shogun3D's games consist of 3 arcade-style games, 1 puzzle and 1 3D simulation.  Games that anyone, regardless of age, gender, etc. can pick up  and play with a minimal learning curve.

There's no plan to create some run-of-the-mill multiplayer FPS with the intention to be the next Halo, Killzone, or Unreal Tournament killer.  Shogun3D stays away from the more "saturated" game genres because by statistics, those games are likely to be failures that are superseded by larger companies.  In order to build a successful track record, it's best to make smart business and marketing decisions and avoid common and unfortunate mistakes made by many startups.

In short, Shogun3D prefers to target the casual as well as the more serious gamer, but while making logical decisions as to what genre to pursue.

3. What platforms will Shogun3D's games be available for?
Shogun3D's games will be developed for Windows, Mac OSX, and various mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.  Console distribution methods such as Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network will be considered in the future for specific games.  Steam is also a distribution model of interest, for all of you Steam fans out there!

4. When do you plan on releasing your games?
Well, when they're ready, you'll know.  Release dates will be confirmed and announced once the proper preparations are made.  Nothing will be released without prior warning or previews.

At the moment, it's a bit to early to start estimating release dates.  They could surface a month or two from now, to even 6 months to a year.  Even though Shogun3D has working concepts, it's still a bit too early to tell.

5. Where is Shogun3D located?
Shogun3D's location is currently in downtown Seattle, WA, USA.  The exact location will not be revealed except to those with serious inquiries.

I'll go ahead and leave it here for now.  Right now, I have many things besides source code to write.  Thanks for reading.  Be sure to subscribe and leave comments.



  1. 5. No way? I live there too. I know at least 2 other game developers so if you're looking to connect with others at all let me know!

  2. Yup, I've been here the whole time! I appreciate the offer. It's always good to network and build the rolodex!